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The compilation of this site was from the Family History book published in 2000. It follows therefore that I must reiterate my thanks to all involved in the book and now in the site.

Firstly acknowledgement go to the pioneers, my Great Grandfather Henri Volcy Giblot du Cray , who conducted  the original research on the family history and to my uncle Emilien Volcy Giblot Ducray, who continued with the research, without which the compilation of this site would not have been possible.


To Michael Ducray, who now lives in New Zealand, was responsible for digitalising the original data base. He is now custodian of the ancient documents referred to.


My sincere thanks go to my wife Anne, for all her hard work in translating, transcribing, proof reading. Without her help neither the book nor this site could have been have formulated.


I also thank Richard Yardley, for permitting me to use some of his ideas.


Thanks go to my cousin Sue Luzy’s for her encouragement and direction, as a librarian. Her continued research in France, writings and translations of the original documents made the book and this site more meaningful. Her assistance is invaluable and really appreciated.


The family is described in genealogy books as an ancient French noble family. The noble reference is because they belonged to the social class known as the "noblesse de robe", i.e. the rank of nobles composed mostly of lawyers, magistrates and senior officials in the King's administration.  see documentary section. Of interest, one of the direct ancestors actually owned a castle in France.  Click on the hyper link "castle" above and scroll down the pages of the book. The name of the castle is highlighted in yellow.


The connection between Ducray , Giblot and Giblot Ducray is explained on page in the section titled " The Name" click on this hyperlink.


 The earliest ancestor of this branch is Charles Giblot.  Charles Giblot who was born in  Rennes see map of France. in approximately 1698, the exact date is unknown. He emigrated to  Mauritius where the family were given a concession of 326 acres in the Plaines Wilhems area. ( Map & History of Mauritius See map of Mauritius)  While the earliest descendant can be traced back to the late 1600. the name Giblot was  recorded as early as 1468 see extracts from  Family Book.

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